Art Having a Value for Life – The Creative Life
[Excerpt from unpublished article, 2011]

The Creative Life emerges in the experience and achievements of a spiritual and practical way of life which is structured primarily according to the internal rhythms and interests of an individual’s nature. It is a life and consciousness that come out of a lifelong process of creative realization, development and maturation as the cultivation of a complete and well-integrated natural form, connected to an environment, and built over time in the pursuit of a full range of personal creative work which naturally flows out of that form. The idea of the Creative then refers to a spontaneous and organic making and shaping of an original life in touch with its surroundings which is not finally imitative with respect to existing cultural models and personalities, and which brings forth and develops surprising and expressive art forms and other work, all evoking the freshness of a living presence. This is the experience chiefly for artistic and highly independent-minded individuals of various mediums and methods, free spirits who are interested in what can be known, expressed, communicated and shared in and through the full breadth and depth of their own creative desires and tendencies in relation to their environments. There is no formula or pre-established structure or plan for such a life, as one finds with careers wholly within the systems of institutions and businesses of our society. What renders a Creative Life in the highest degree original is its unexpectedly unique, broad and unprecedented characteristics, in contradistinction to a planned and pre-programmed, ultra-specialized career for which one can know each step of progressive achievement and success along with their benefits and rewards. Yet one feels or intuits that a Creative Life has its own progressions, benefits and rewards, the most important of which are intimately connected to the person who has achieved rather than to more conventional desirables such as money, possessions, fame or prestigious titles. The ultimate rewards of a Creative Life are a deeper satisfaction and contentment that come out of a full and rich life-experience, informed and sustained by a personally expressive body of life-work along with significant and meaningful connections and relationships. This is the promise of a complete and fully realized Creative Life, one that is actively nurtured and allowed to unfold and flower over time.





















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