I am inspired by the secret workings of nature and life, and by a seemingly mysterious push or drive to bring forth an indwelling content for experience that one could regard as anything but banal.
My creative process begins with a desire to find a rhythm and image that challenge me both æsthetically and spiritually, and provide an opening to a participation within a range of forms that can stir my imagination.
I see my images as an embodiment of a world within, upon which my life in the contemporary world rests and depends. What makes them a challenge is their apparent strangeness and otherworldliness. In this respect, they question not only what I might wish to believe is “beautiful,” and therefore desirable, but also what one could regard as the “truth”: implications of inner necessity with which I must come to terms; and from the perspective of our contemporary thinking and living, the undervalued aspects of myself which must be integrated into a more fully developed creative process and life.











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