Philip Douglas Portoghese

b. 1965 Minneapolis, U.S.A. 

1983 – 85   General Studies, Macalester College, Saint Paul, MN

1986 – 87   Motion picture film work: Creation of sound 16mm shorts

1987 – 90   Studies in ancient history and studio arts, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Bachelor of Science degree in Art

1990 – 93   Graduate work in Sculpture and Painting, University of Iowa, Iowa City; Master of Fine Arts degree

1992 – 93   Teaching Assistantship in Sculpture at the University of Iowa

1993 – 94   Guest instructor and resident artist at Macalester College, Saint Paul, MN

1996 – pr.   Residence in Brooklyn, NY

1998 – 99   Open Studio exhibitions at Gowanus studio, Brooklyn

2002 – 05   Open Studio exhibitions at DUMBO studio, Brooklyn

2006 – 12   Reading and research on various topics ranging from philosophy and history to psychology and physics

2011 – 12   Writings (unpublished): The Creative Substance;  Immanent Content;  Artist as Image Maker, et al.

2013 – 16   Residence and studio work in New York and Switzerland

2015 – 16   Residency at Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga, CA; Residency at Nota Bene Loft, Cadaquès, Spain

2017 – 18   Sculpture and painting in Brooklyn


Related Topics: Reading Interests

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